ALBUM Recorded and mixed at Studio Rock & Chanson, Talence, France, february 2005 Produced by Philippe Lissart

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INFO: Philippe
LISSART +33 (0) 610033585  /  lissartp@free.fr

Yves Carbonne :
 8 string fretless sub-bass guitar (tracks 2, 6, 7,10, 11),
 6 string fretless contrabass guitar (tracks 4, 9),
 8 string fretted sub-bass guitar (tracks 1, 8).

Dominique Di Piazza :
 5 string (with high C) bass guitar.
 Dominique plays fingerstyle, uses 2 Dunlop fingerpicks on track 2

Michael Manring :
 4 string fretless (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10),
 4 string fretted bass guitars(track 11).

Yves would like to thank: Christian Noguera, Richard Cocco & Mark Wright for their support; Léo, Annie & Angel Carbonne for their love & encouragements; Catherine Petitiot; Pascal Lapeyre; Stewart Mc Kinsey; Sébastien Toustou; Pascal Ricard; Philippe Lissart for his musical trust; Dominique for for his friendship & musical genius; Michael for his friendship & incredible talent.

would like to thank:Joe & Vinnie from Fodera Guitars & Nick Epifani for their support; Matthew Garrison for his friendship; Rosita & Tcha-Tcha Di Piazza for their love and encouragements; pst Louis Deméo and his wife Janey for their spiritual cares; Yves, Michael & Philippe Lissart for their musical trust & friendship; & above all God who's the giver of all good gifts and ultimate source of inspiration.

would like to thank:Kelli Manring, Nora Manring, Philippe Lissart, Joe Zon and everyone at Zon Guitars, SWR amplifiers, D'Addario Strings, Hipshot, EBow, Dominique & Yves, Pascal and everyone at Rock & Chanson, & you -for listening!

Recorded live and mixed at Studio Rock & Chanson, www.rocketchanson.com Talence, France, february 18 - 22, 2005
Ingineered by Pascal Ricard; Mixed by Yves Carbonne & Pascal Ricard
Photography, design and webmaster : Sébastien Toustou - basstien@nebkas.com
Produced by Philippe Lissart. Contact: +33 (0) 610033585 / lissartp@free.fr

Yves Carbonne
plays Noguera YC basses, LaBella strings & AccuGroove cabinets.
Dominique Di Piazza plays Fodera basses, Elixir strings, Epifani amps & cabinets.
Michael Manring plays Zon basses, D'addario strings & SWR amps & cabinets.

1 Anticipation
(Yves Carbonne) - Trio - dedicated to John McLaughlin

 2 Ever Lasting Love (Dominique Di Piazza)Trio - dedicated to Louis & Janey Deméo

 3 Little Rose (Dominique Di Piazza)Solo - dedicated to Rosita Di Piazza

 4 Detachment (Yves Carbonne)Duet Yves Carbonne & Michael Manring

 5 For Philippe (Michael Manring)Solo

 6 Sub Jam (Michael Manring / Yves Carbonne)Duet Yves Carbonne & Michael Manring

 7 Holy Spirit (Yves Carbonne)Solo - dedicated to Léo Carbonne

 8 Nuestra Esperanza (Dominique Di Piazza)Trio

 9 Le Retour Du Loup (Michael Manring)Trio

 10 The Bright Morning Star (Dominique Di Piazza)Trio

 11 What's On Her Mind ? (Michael Manring)Trio